CAB Search

For over twenty years CAB Search has been supplying Acid-free storage items for genealogists & local historians, as well as to collectors of memorabilia in its many shapes & forms.

We started as a second-hand book sellers, specialising in the topography of the UK, so that people could find background information about where and how their ancestors lived & worked.

We then realised that so many of the certificates, photos and precious documents that people had collected or inherited were in danger of deterioration or even worse, total loss, because they were not stored in the correct way. Local archives & museums all agree that the best way to keep these precious items was in acid-free conditions. So we began to source a variety of acid-free pockets, paper, glues, pens etc to aid the preservation of these often irreplaceable items, as well as binders, albums & magnifiers.

We still have a large selection of second hand & new books and offer free searches to find out of print ones. For several years now, we have supplied Alan Godfrey old OS maps. These maps are reprints dating back to the 1860s, so detailed that individual streets & houses can be pin-pointed to show where your ancestors lived, even though the neighbourhood has since been redeveloped.

We attend Family History Fairs, Local History Events, family History Society Open Days etc. throughout the country. In fact, if you invite us to attend any event anywhere, we will do our best to be there. We love meeting people, helping them with their problems, and enjoying their pleasure in their hobbies.

And finally, why CAB Search? Simple! When we first started we had a black London Cab, which we used to travel to events, so that’s where the name originated!

CAB Search, 8 Meadow Close, Purley, Surrey CR8 3HN