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Lesbian and Gay News

The Lesbian and Gay News media Archive (LAGNA) is located at the Bishopsgate Institute Special Collections and Archives in London. The archive contains more than 200,000 cuttings and editions from the non-gay press about all related LGBT matters from the 1890s to the present time. Not only are the local and national printing houses well represented, there are also some overseas cuttings and editions.

There is a broad range of topics covered in the collection that includes censorship and obscenity laws, health, biographies, arts and the media, like film, entertainment, television, theatre and literature.

Other topics explained in the collection are employment, counselling and sex education, sexual law reforms, international and British lesbian and gay organizations, prison, trials, lesbian and gay politics, religion, transsexuals, sex education and transvestism.

At present, the archives have indexed only the cuttings from 1895 to 1969. There are still tens of thousands of cuttings remaining to index, along with new contributions to the LAGNA collection that have to be indexed.

The archives prove useful and interesting to those studying visual culture and media effects on public and private attitudes. It also provides lots of research material to law students, psychologists, present historians and social scientists.

At present, the collection has four sequences classified in different manners:

•    By year- This is a progressive order of data collected from 1895 to 1969

•    Based on source

•    By person

•    Based on the subject matter

•    Based on region

Unfortunately, no complete newspaper cuttings can be exhibited online for copyright reasons. You can, however, contact enquiry@lagna.org.uk to make arrangements if you want to take a look at the cuttings or have some copies sent to you.

If it’s not just the cuttings, but there are other things that you want to know more about, like the Wolfenden Committee recommendations of the 1950s, the people and attire they wore at the Gateways Club in the 1960s, pink pounds, the 1990s gay villages, Clause 28 and James Anderson’s ranting of 1980s or Todd Grimshaw’s 2000 escapade on Carnation Street, as long as some popular press had it covered, they have the story for you.

The LAGNA also has an extensive collection of banners, badges, t-shirts and a reference library housing several hundred books that may interest you. The reference library has a huge collection of books of more than 1,000 LGBT titles, both in the fiction and non-fiction genre, for you to check out. You can also find the complete runs of Gay News and its photographs from 1972 to 1984 and a practically full set of Gay Times.

There are also some non-printed campaigning materials from organizations like Hyde Park Gays and C.H.E. Outrage! Printed materials are not available in this archive but can be obtained in the Hall-Carpenter Archives in the London School of Economics Library.

The archives has an extensive collection of badges like campaign, LAMBDA, G.L.F., organization, pride, Clause 28, winter pride and miscellaneous badges, and miscellaneous artifacts, like pink triangles and the lambda pendent.

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