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In our modern world we like to have information at out fingertips. Mobile phones and tablets are carried by many people virtually constantly – indeed you often find people clutching their phones where ever they go!  To this end, the Secret Lives conference team have made available the information on the programme, speakers and the venue through an App that is available for the most popular types of mobile phones and tablets. The App is available for both  IOS (Apple) and Android devices. Although the Kindle Fire is a form of Android device, it is not available as a Kindle download.

The App is free to everyone, whether an attendee or just someone with a passing interest in this UK International Genealogical Conference. You just need to go to your phone’s “store” and download the App “EventsXD”.

This is an app that facilitates many conferences. Once installed, open the App and search for  “Secret Lives” You will then be able to load our event and see everything that is happening. There are though a couple of points you should note.

1.       On the main screen, you will see headings “My”, “Featured” and “Trending”. Once we get within 30 days of the conference, the conference will show up under “My” which will save you having to search every time.

2.       You can of course set your own Agenda. To do this browse each of the lectures under the “Schedule” and next to the title you will find a green star. It will be just an outline but if you click on the star it will change to a solid green star. You can then from the main Secret Lives screen click on “My Agenda” and all your highlighted sessions will appear. A great way to remind yourself over the Secret Lives conference weekend which of the many talks & lectures you have decided to attend.

You will also find “Pulse” next to “My Agenda”.  This has three sections:-

1.       News – This is where we can send you News of the conference whether from ourselves or from other organisations and the press talking about the conference.

2.       Social – All the tweets (and who has sent them) that contain the conference hashtag #secretlives2018. If you have a Twitter account then this is your opportunity to be part of our community. Just tweet using this hashtag somewhere in your tweet and your own tweet will appear here. Why not start off by tweeting everyone that you have installed the App!

3.       Notifications – When you install the App, you will be asked if you will accept Push Notifications. Please agree to this and you will get to know the latest news directly on your phone or tablet.

Altogether we hope that the App will enhance your Secret Lives conference experience. After all this is the first full residential International Genealogical Conference held in the UK since 2013. Who knows when the next one will happen??

You can of course book your place on the Society of Genealogists web pages here

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  • Garry Sheen says:

    What a fantastic conference! Sadly, I live in Spain and won’t be able to attend. Have the organizers considered including a session on LGBT+ ancestors? I’m sure this would ‘fit’ very well into this conference. Look forward to hearing back from you.

    Best regards

    • Secret Lives says:

      Spain is quite near in comparison, we have attendees fro Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Birmingham airport is quite near

  • Allan Rudge says:

    Would like to know if there will be a conference proceedings book, USB podcasts or some means of having access to the presentations from overseas as I live in New Zealand. Would dearly love to be there but distance and expense make it prohibitive.

    • Alec Tritton says:

      Allan. All presentations are being recorded but for delegates only. They will appear on a special members only website. The simplest way to get access is to sign up as a day delegate. Even though you don’t attend you will still get access to all the recordings in a similar manner as all other delegates. Please note though we do not have permission to record Dr. Ramirez.