Family Tree

Family Tree have been helping people discover their ancestors for over 30 years. Whether you’re just starting out in the hobby, or are an experienced family historian, there is something for everyone!

The magazine is published 13 times a year and has grown from strength to strength expanding into new avenues along the way. It is distributed both in the UK and overseas and is also available in a digital version, including a made for mobile edition, so you can take your research everywhere you go!

The team behind the magazine publish content online too, on the Family Tree website ( which includes practical how-to guides, free digital data, inspiring blogs and all the latest genealogy news. Most recently, the Family Tree Academy ( was launched which aims to help you improve your research skills and make your family history investigations more rewarding with fun genealogy challenges.

You can also shop some great deals online with our Genealogy tools ( which includes a fantastic offer on a Living DNA Kit, plus useful DVDs and surname prints to treasure for many years to come!

We want to make researching your family tree a fun and enjoyable experience by making it easy and accessible for everyone. They may be brick walls along the way, but that’s what we are here for!

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