Penny Walters

Penny Walters

Penny was adopted at birth, and her ancestral search has taken her back from the UK, through south Wales’ coalmines, to the Irish Famine, specifically to Cork & Kerry. DNA testing revealed that Penny is 71% Irish heritage, which supports the paper trail of ¾ of her ancestors coming from southern Ireland. Penny is the mother of 6 children, aged 11-30, who have all undertaken DNA tests. Penny has recently undertaken the Post. Grad. Cert. in Genealogy at Strathclyde University.
Penny lectures (for example at Who Do You Think You Are, 2017) and writes journal articles (for example for Family Tree magazine) about: adoption; ethical dilemmas; the psychology of searching; diaspora; mixing DNA results with a paper trail; cultural heritage; Ivory Coast ancestors (slave history); and the professionalisation of genealogy. Penny was recently appointed the Editor of the Bristol & Avon Family History Society Journal.

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