Mark Midega-Faulknall

Mark Midega-Faulknall

Mark Midega-Faulknall took a BSc in Management from Aston University in 1981 before qualifying as an accountant. He worked with leading accountancy firms Ernst & Young and Grant Thornton before building up his own practice and running other successful business ventures. He worked as a partner for top 20 firm before returning to head his own accountancy firm in 2010, which he sold in 2017

During his accountancy career he has always taken a keen interest in history and genealogy with a special focus on British and Latvian family histories, and this is now his professional focus, he is a member of the Society of Genealogists and Association of Professional Genealogists.

Mark brings to genealogy the meticulous attention to detail of professional accounting. This is especially important in tracing family histories outside the UK where often even the most basic family records are not online or are otherwise difficult to find and translate. Special skill is needed to identify a full cogent history when key pieces are missing.

Mark has researched a family of his own that lived in Whitechapel in London’s’ East End in the first part of the 19th century and has unravelled a story of murder, escape from justice,  child pick pockets, theft, dealing in stolen goods, brothels keeping, intimidation, theft, police informants and eventfully being brought to justice.




Bill Sheen the infanticide and his family’s criminal activities in London’s East End 1827-1851


Hear the true story of Bill Sheen who murdered his own child in May 1827; the crime, the inquest, the pursuit across the country to Wales; his eventual apprehension and return to stand trial at the Old Bailey; details of the case; how he was acquitted due to a legal technicality, which brought him and […]

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