Lesley Trotter

Lesley Trotter

Lesley Trotter is a social historian, genealogist and writer. Following on from her master’s degree, she gained her doctorate in Cornish Studies at the University of Exeter for her thesis on the experiences of wives ‘left behind’ by emigrating Cornish miners in the 19th century. She is an Associate of the Institute of Cornish Studies, and also holds an Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in Local History from the University of Oxford. Before undertaking postgraduate studies, Lesley combined independent historical and genealogical research with work on a wide range of projects in the scientific press, business communications and interactive training.

Lesley gives frequent talks on her research to academic and public audiences, and works with arts groups on community history projects. She recently researched and produced an HLF funded booklet, ‘Beyond the Names – the stories of the men commemorated on St. Day War Memorial’, and is currently completing a book on the ‘Married Widows of Cornwall’ based on her PhD thesis.

More information can be found on her website: www.humblehistory.com

Researching 19th century wives left behind by migration


One of the untold stories of emigration from Britain is that of the wives left behind when their husbands went abroad to work. This presentation will describe the tactics used to explore the lives of these women, of whom we often only get tantalizing misleading glimpses. It draws on the speaker’s research into the ‘married […]

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