Angela Buckley

Angela Buckley

Angela Buckley is the author of the popular detective biography, The Real Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Story of Jerome Caminada. She also writes a series of historical true crime cases, Victorian Super Sleuth Investigates.

Born in Manchester, Angela’s life in crime began with her own family. Whilst researching her family tree, she uncovered all sorts of shady ancestors, including petty thieves, poachers and even a notorious brothel-keeper. Her work has featured in national magazines and newspapers, including The Times, The Telegraph and the Sunday Express. She is a regular contributor to Your Family History and Who Do You Think You Are? magazines. Angela is a member of the Crime Writers’ Association.

An experienced speaker, Angela has appeared on BBC radio and TV, including The One Show, and has taken part in many events, such as the Henley Literary Festival, the Manchester Histories Festival and at the Museum of London. Angela is currently chair of the Society of Genealogists.

The Rattle of Bones: How to Uncover the Skeletons in Your Family Tree


All families have skeletons in their genealogical cupboard and discovering a criminal ancestor adds colour and drama to your family tree. Many ‘respectable’ families turned to petty crime in order to survive and you may find brawlers, trespassers, thieves and poachers lurking in the branches. You may even come across a nefarious individual who committed […]

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Voices from the Underworld: Life in the Seedy Streets of Victorian Cities

London Suite

Life was tough in the burgeoning cityscapes of Victorian Britain, where disease was endemic and crime was rife. The streets of the notorious rookeries in cities, such as Manchester and London, were teeming with thieves, con artists and prostitutes. There were illegal beerhouses, gambling dens and gin palaces on every corner. Through eye-opening stories from […]

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